The Biblical Flood: Global Warming & Bush’s Harvest

Draft Preface

This book is about our ability to respond to worldwide disasters such as represented by rising seas, an asteroid or comet impact, or a super-volcano. It is only peripherally about the cause of such things. I am definitely not an expert on the causes.

There are many individuals who have very great knowledge about that and have written very good articles, books and papers on the subject. I will try to mention some publications and individuals and I encourage you to read about them and their work.

But I am an expert on our failed societal system. The cause, cure, and what to do about that. And as far as I know I am the only one on the planet alive today with that knowledge. Please, if you know of others I would like to communicate with them.[ 1 ] But if their purported “solution” involves politics and the use of force or fraud I do not want to hear about it or them. For the simple reason that these concepts represent the cause of our problems and thus can not be part of the solution.

There is no longer any doubt that the results of global warming represents a major forthcoming disaster for Homo sapiens. The warming trend already set in motion is itself irreversible. It may be possible to put a cap on it to prevent it from reaching as far as it would without the cap. Yet the results—the societal chaos—may still be more than we can handle as a thinking specie laboring under our faulty societal system.

It is certainly more than we can handle if we think in terms of political entities and ethnic and religious groups. That in itself is the cause of our historical, current and pend-ing societal problems.

We adopted and maintain a societal system based on coercion and fraud. One that has not allowed us to solve even one of our basic societal problems. Rather, they become ever–more endemic and intractable. Without the problems of global warming societal chaos is now uncontrolled. And will soon be uncontrollable. Think of the difference between those two words and concepts. Look at or read the daily news to confirm what I say.

With the certain—not almost certain, but guaranteed certain—societal effects of global warming they will probably become uncontrollable. The only reason I put “probably” there is that there is a very slim chance we might be able to control the pending chaos.

But to do that we must change our societal system from one based on coercion to one based on individual freedom. In which each example of Homo sapiens assumes control for their own individual life. For the moral and rational discharge of the responsibilities and duties of individual thinking life. For those actions they take in life. This is the essence of life for a thinking life form.

And not the present situation where a third party—the political state—says “… don’t worry. Don’t think. We will take care of everything in life for you.” A situation that brings us all of our current societal problems.

It is a bit like the title and concept of that old American TV series The Twilight Zone. We are in a world between immorality and irrationality on the one size, and our destination of rationality and morality. Between a world that does not work and the only one that will work.

Unlike the TV serial, you must “touch the controls”. The intellectual levers that will allow you to take control of and be responsible for your own individual life. To concentrate on making that better while not interfering in the life of others.

But this book is not about the details of how to change our system. That is in some of my other books. Such as Cowardly New World, The Conquest of Ignorance and Human Survival and Productivity Galore. What this book is about is to point out the clear and present danger to our survival as a viable specie on this planet. Which is there whether we change our societal system or not. Yet it is only that by changing it that we may be able to survive the pending societal chaos. That without changing it we will not be able to survive as a viable specie.

This book contains the principles of the solution for changing our societal system to enable us to cope with our forthcoming problems.

There will be two threshold events. The one related to global warming and climate change itself. The other the change from apathy by the masses to panic. As the true nature of the effects become obvious even to the ignorant. Perhaps especially to the ignorant, as they have not been thinking and do not realize there is a solution.

There are many people who can do and have done a better job at describing the cause and effect of global warming than I can do. They are many people—probably most writers—who are better at cataloging and describing the symptoms of our societal problems than I.

But there is no one on this planet alive at the current time who understands the simple, true cause of our societal problems. And the cure for these problems.

Positive, “aggressive” statements such as that are not well received by most people. But there is no possibility I am wrong in the principle of what I say. As it is corroborated by history and current events. And is consistent with the laws of nature.

And what others say on this subject—what is purported to be the cause and cure for out societal problems—is not correct. Else we would now be on the way to solving these problems.

“1998 was the hottest year globally since records began, closely followed by 2002 and 2003. The five hottest years on record have occurred since 1997, and the ten hottest since 1990.”[ 2 ]

To be edited and continued…

End Notes

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