Global Warming

Book Outline

All responsible climatologist now understand and agree that global warming is much worse than previously thought. That there will be profound changes in the Earth’s climate. With rising sea levels, changing rain patterns, desertification and draught, flooding, an increasing number of storms of increasing intensity.

That there is nothing we can do to stop the processes already started. Although technically we should be able to begin to first reduce them and their effects. Then, later, to begin to reverse the trend and effects.

I said “technically” for a very good and important reason. Recently we have come to know of a hidden factor in Global Warming. That of “Global Dimming”. Which has hidden the true nature and amount of Global Warming.

But there is a much more profound and devastating problem that no one else has seen. That of “Mental Dimming”. As evidenced by the fact that as a societal specie we have never solved even one of our societal problems. Rather, they become ever-more endemic and intractable. As corroborated by history and the daily news. Which is becoming ever–more “broken”. So–called “breaking news” is evidence of a broken societal system. One that actively mitigates against solving societal problems. In fact, it is the creator of societal problems. And thus is an irreparable system. Nothing has ever been solved and can not be solved through “politics”. Through a societal system based on coercion.

This is the hidden but very real danger in Global Warming. We have not been able to make education, healthcare, and pension systems work. Stop crime, war, inflation, depressions, terrorism, hunger and famine. We can not even succeed at the thing we have practiced most: war. At least fifty percent of the wars we wage and the people who wage them fail, yes? As in the fourteen years out of fifteen that we have had war for the last 3,000 years there are winners and losers.

A rationally thinking “thinking specie” would create winners or not create anything. They would do this by understanding the laws of nature and working within them. Rather than seeking to contravene them as we do with our societal system based on coercion. It is this—a societal system that seeks to contravene the laws of nature—that is the cause of the disorder and chaos in society. And the endless and unsolved problems of our society. Which are by definition un-solvable. Which is why the smiling faces of what purport to be “leaders&rdwuo; never solve anything.

A leader is anyone who creates new and useful knowledge or products. That have the potential for adding to the quality of life for all who avail themselves of the knowledge and products.

An individual who only creates and can not solve problems is not a leader and they are not part of a profession. Hence the use of the word “occupation” rather than “profession”.

This is the subject and purpose of this book. To briefly discuss the forthcoming societal ef-fects of global warming. And the fact that we have a societal system the will actively prevent us from solving the problems of Global Warming.

That even by itself—without Global Warming—this societal system will make us first a non-viable specie. And then extinct. You need only think about the reality of our societal system to realize this.

And if we—you and I—do not do this thinking and change our societal system we can not and will not solve the societal problems of Global Warming. And will become extinct as a specie sooner rather than later.

Sooner probably meaning within 20–30 years rather than the 50–100 without Global Warming.

You must read this book to find out why this is true. And what we can do about it.

© Copyright 2006 — William W Morgan — All rights reserved.