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Earlier visitors would note that for about ten years (yes, this site and its predecessors has been on the net for more then ten years, starting August 1st of 1994) there has been no privacy statement. For two reasons:

  1. The only person whose privacy was at risk was me. By exposing my inner–most thoughts and ideas. I was not collecting any information from anybody.
  2. In a rational and durable society, which is what I am trying to create, everyone would have the same idea about "privacy." That no one ever interferes in the property of another individual. That all forms of property are protected completely.

Thousands of years in the future, if we should survive that long as a viable specie, that there had ever been societies of Homo sapiens in which individuals interfered in the property of others would only be known to historians. And non-historians would be incredulous to know that primitive civilizations such as our own existed.

But this is now, and it is accepted that individuals will interfere in the property of other individuals. In fact, our political system is based on this. If those working within it do not interfere in the property of their victims (usually referred to as "citizen"), then they are not doing their job.

Our societal requires that there be a "master and slaves" situation. And no amount of statements similar to that on the side of the cars of the political police saying to protect and to serve can hide or dispense with the reality of the situation. Most Americans would bristle at the statement "political police." Yet they are that, true? They are the police organization working within the political system. Working for and controlled by their political masters. There can be no true individual freedom within such a concept.

As I said, in the past I have not collected any information from others. Although this could change. And I can not hide behind the "we" of an organization. This site was created and is currently operated and maintained only by me, William W. Morgan. If that changes, I will make a statement here.

If I collect any information the following will apply:

I will make every possible effort within the limits of my knowledge related to the technology to prevent anyone else from having access to any information collected;

I will not voluntarily divulge any information I collect to anyone else.

I must say "voluntarily," as even in the "old days" in the US, say in the 1950s or so, it was always possible that the political state could impose Draconian punishment on someone who did not perform immoral acts as they required.

Now, in our current world, torturing people to divulge information is becoming the norm. The American government invented the concentration camp in the 19th century. Ironically, for use in Cuba. The home of one of their newer and more notorious concentration camps.

Now they are saying that their handling of prisoners is "legal." That they are not torturing them. If this is true, then why do they need to send them to other countries? And you must remember that "legal" is what the political régime says it is. What they themselves say they can do. And there is no connection between that which is "legal" and that which is moral and rational.

It is always possible I could be tortured to divulge information. And there would be no guarantees that I would resist. I have been in several secret police dungeons in the Middle East during my lifetime. And I know there are limits to my resistance…

This also means that I will not sell or trade any of the information. However, since I am not collecting any information this is moot?

I do know that political laws can require individual members of the political police to act in an immoral fashion. To violate the human rights of others as they wish. And to conduct terrorist operations aimed at forcing those who provide Internet-related services to provide them with information.

If that happens, I would appreciate it if one or more people came to help me…?

In summary, I plan to act morally. But I can not guarantee that those who control my life—the slave masters—will do the same.

On Twitter I am ATwwmorgan
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