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Books by and about Hermann Oberth

This page contains a directory for books by and about Hermann Oberth. One of the two greatest rocket scientists. The other being the Russian Konstantin Tsiolkowsi. With whom Obert exchanged letters. One of which Oberth reverently handed me to look at.

Galambos often pointed to Oberth as an exmpale of one of the many great and important innovtors that history forgot or overlooked. I had the privilege of meeting and talking to Oberth a few times during 1973-75. Being a guest in his house and taking me around his private little museum he had to create by himself. In a room given to him on the second floor of a nearby church. One of my most poingent memories was created while I was waiting to meet him the first time. Having arrived hours early from Holland and sitting in the car and reading. Waiting for the apoointed time. His wife who was perhaps 75 at the time, came out of their little house carrying the trash to a trash can on the street. I thought this symbolized the total neglect of this magnificent person.

And his work in rocketry came not as a result of war. As he started it in the 1920s. And his thinking before that. But solely out of scietific curiosity. When Hitler did come along Oberth refused to do any work for him. And was assigned a minor job working on liquid fuel pumps. But von Bruan did go to work for Hitler. And after the way was idolozed as a great rocket pioneer. Although he had in fact been the student of Oberth.

One time von Braun did have the honesty and decenty to say of Oberth: "Compared to Oberth we are all plumbers." While continuing to accept the honors heaped on him. As Oberth lived ignored and forgotten by the world with his wife in their little cottage in a village outside of Nürnberg.

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  1. Hermann Oberth: Vater der Raumfahrt - Barth
  2. Primer for Those Who Would Govern - Oberth
  3. Ways to Space Flight - Oberth
  4. The Electric Spaceship - Oberth
  5. The Moon Car - Oberth

Hermann Oberth: Vater der Raumfahrt
autorisierte Biographie (Unknown Binding)t
by Hans Barth

Language Notes
Text: German

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Primer for Those Who Would Govern (Paperback)
by Hermann Oberth
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Book Description
This book is the last book written by Hermann Oberth (1894-1987), the father of space flight. The work addresses many of the great problems facing mankind today, and points to interesting solutions. Oberth says that the book contains the minimum a publicly active person should know and understand. Included is a detail biography of the space pioneer, and a fascinating photo documentation section.

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Ways to Space Flight (NASA TT F-622) (Unknown Binding)
by Hermann Oberth
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The Electric Spaceship (Unknown Binding)
by Hermann Oberth
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The Electric Spaceship

The Moon Car (Unknown Binding)
by Hermann Oberth
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