Origin of Mysticism


Mysticism is a natural result in the evolution of a thinking specie. As they begin to wonder at nature and natural events and their cause. Their hypotheses will be "mystic" in nature because they still know nothing of cause and effect in their world. And certainly with no knowledge of tools to determine rightness in knowledge.

As we know, mysticism can give power over other individuals. The Witch Doctor will rival the Tribal Chief for power. The longer mysticism continues the more perverse and pervasive—and difficult to get rid of—it will be.

Mysticism can only and finally be eradicated through the common use of a tool to determine rightness [01 ] in knowledge. Newton’s greatest, most important creation and achievement.


Although I have been working on this for 50 years or so, this is a new approach to handling it. Starting over again, So everthing appears incomplete and nonsensical? The fate of all new and controversial knowledge. For now I will say no more than what is right. Can not be wrong. As it is consistent with the laws of nature and history. That we have a very serious societal problem that needs solving, Else we will continue inexorably on our way to non-viability as a specie. That you should therefore bear with me, read and learn. And not practice intellectual dishonestyIntellectual Dishonesty
The failure to accept new knowledge that is right on an absolute basis, when it conflicts with currently held incorrect beliefs on the subject.

Mysticism—and its institutionalized version known as religion—is part of the evolution of every thinking specie. It occurs when the specie “appears”, as part of their brain development. As they acquire the ability to “wonder”, to think about their world. And wonder why things happen. As the rivers rise and fall, there is day and night, rain and no rain. They wonder why things happen and ideas—possibilities for the cause—come into their mind. We call this a hypothesisHypothesis
A suggested—but unproven—explanation for the cause of an event or phenomenon.
. Although most people incorrectly use this and the word theoryTheory
The explanation for the cause of a phenomenon or event that is right on an absolute basis.

These early hypotheses related to cause and effect in their world will almost surely and always be wrong. Not rightRight
That which is based on true premises, valid and logical thought processes, and is corroborated by history and the laws of nature. And the resulting action—if any—is moral
. For a very long time.

We know what happens next. If the individual is observant, they begin to see that some things seem to happen in sequence. Or one thing happens after another happens. And they begin to say they can predict things. If they are reasonably good at it they may say that if they themselves do something—perhaps a dance—it will cause an event to happen. When it does… wow! They suddenly find they have power over others. They can demand “donations”, that services be performed for them, etc.

When they get really organized and have others to help them, the mysticism becomes institutionalized, and we have what — in the English language — we call religion.

And this is how mysticism and religion started for Homo sapiens. What is more natural than this? And will start for all thinking species in this universe. And, as we know, can be a very destructive There seems to be no antidote for this disease
A prayer a day
keeps rationality away.
, yes? But I believe there is. It is called “individual self-interest”. And, as I said above, the application of the Scientific Method to knowledge creation and evaluation. Something I will discuss elsehwere.

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  1. Right: “That which is based on true premises, valid and logical thought processes, and is corroborated by history and the laws of nature. And the resulting action — if any — is moral”.
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