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The Cause of Spying, of 9/11 & terrorism

Now the obvious is out, with gratitude to a patriotPatriot
Anyone who adds to the quality of individual life without interfering in the property of another thinking being.
for the specie Homo sapiens, Edward Snowden. Dare I mention his name, as it will draw attention to what I write? Which will be misunderstood, and bring down the wrath of the Ruler and regime. As my only objective is that Homo sapiens should survive as a viable specie. And that we need to dispense with any activity that is immoral, irrational and tries to prevent this process.

Cover Story: How the NSA Targets Germany and Europe
By Laura Poitras, Marcel Rosenbach, Fidelius Schmid, Holger Stark and Jonathan Stock
Cover Story: How the NSA Targets Germany and Europe
der Spiegel magazine

Anyone who was thinking normally would have known that this was happening. How it could be considered a “secret” is amazing, and an indication of the total lack of awareness of what has happened in the behavior of individual thinking beings.

I am so angry and frustrated at what has happened to us—Homo sapiens, the only thinking specie we know of in this universe—that I can not seem to collect my thoughts and write. At least the reporters and journalists for der Spiegel can think and write and have done so.

It is appalling though that others can will say “… such things are the price of ‘freedom”. Of having and maintaining a ‘free’ society”. It is the price of not thinking, and not solving societal problems. What started all this of course was 9/11. Which, as I have pointed out, could have been easily prevented at any time between 1970 and 2000.

But American politicians and others did not understand history or current events. Did not realize the obvious, that because a people had been kept prisoner in the “Occupied Territories” for decades, with life becoming ever–more hopeless, they would sometime adopt extreme acts of protest. Keeping them in a concentration camp as the Nazis kept the Jews, yes? Ironic, yes?

In that situation, the one in charge of the camp—the one responsible for keeping the Jews there— was Reinhard Heydrich, the SS–Obergruppenfürher. Who reported to his boss, the Führer (the German word for “leader”), Adolph Hitler, in Berlin.

What is the difference in principle between that situation and the one existing in the concentration camp known as the “Occupied Territories”? With the Israeli prime minister acting as the jailer or commandant of the camp? Supported by and beholden to the American president? Who is supplying him with the aramanets needed to “keep order” in the camp. Keep the captives or prisoners in the camp. Seemingly reporting to his "boss", his leader or Führer, the American president.

If you don’t like the wording it means you don't want to consider the reality of the situation. And unless that is done there is no possibility of solving the problem. Which is the situation that seems to have existed since 9/11.

Well, isn't that true? If an American president said to do something— really seriously, forcefully—the Israeli prime minister would salute and do it, yes? Because if he did not, billions of dollars in aid would not be fothcoming.

If you want to solve and problem, you must think of the realities of the situation, yes? Else you will not be able to solve it. And the reason for 30 years of strife in the Middle East should be obvious. With the solution now being obvious, yes? And the reason for the strife and terrorism should also be obvious.

All the Palestinians want, and the American colonists wanted, was what the American Colonists of the late 1770s wanted: independence and freedom. And, those colonists did engage in an insurgency and in what we would now view as “terrorist” acts. With what we could now call “fighters” (not soldiers) attacking the soldiers of a duly constituted political entity. Great Britain. And they—the American Colonists—were thus engaging in treachery and treason, yes? But they won, and were styled “the nice guys”, and Great Britain lost, and were styled “the bad guys”. Also, is seemed that God was on the side of the Colonists? And He never loses and is always rightRight
That which is based on true premises, valid and logical thought processes, and is corroborated by history and the laws of nature. And the resulting action—if any—is moral.

That which is based on true premises, valid and logical thought processes, and is corroborated by history and the laws of nature. And the resulting action—if any—is moral.
But when the Palestinians protest in this way, it is not acceptable. They must be kept in their concentration camp. And the Americans will help their captors and jailers do this by supplying them with helicopter gunships, 250 lb things and laser-guided missiles. It would be no different in principle than helping the Nazis to keep the Jews in their concentration camps.

And is the reason why a few Arab and Muslim men traveled half-way around the world to attack America and Americans. But no one can understand or wants to understand this. And so George W (Dour Leader) Bush engages in his own terrorism. Well, isn’t it a terrorist act to attack and kill other thinking beings? A hundred thousand of them? As they watched their homes being destroyed, family being killed, didn’t they have a feeling abject fear, of terror? Wouldn’t you have a feeling of terror if you witnessed your family being blown to bits, burned to death?

All for what? Because he thought they had “weapons of mass destruction”? That Saddam Hussein had threatened his ““oppy” (the name he used for his father). Or that Iraq might adopt the Euro as their “reserve currency” for oil? No. It was because of monumental ignorance. And high, false self–esteem. Or, low, positive self–esteem.

If people would come to understand this, then it is possible to understand the cause of terrorism. The condition under which it can happen. And begin to solve the problem.

Essentially what I have said above was in my book On… Terrorism: On… Simple CauseOn… Simple Cure. Which the former FBI Director Mueller told me the FBI had in their library at Quantico. Which it seems not nobody read…

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