Cowardly New World


Aldous Huxley's 1932 Brave New World predicted a future world in which biology had run amuck. Human beings were now created as pre–programmed alphas, betas, gammas, etc.

The foreword to his 1949 edition discussed his original work and how he might revise it. And concluded it didn't need revising. But the eleven pages of his foreword is—I believe—vastly more important than his original work. Although depends on it for this.

In it he predicts with remarkable, chilling prescience what course our society would follow after 1949. The worldwide totalitarian regimes we now have. Consisting of slave populations. Willingly made so by propaganda from the relevant political régimes. Done via the state–controlled training programs they refer to as 'free public education." Which is neither free nor an education. Sending people on the equivalent of a permanent soma holiday.

Our adopted societal system is one based on coercion. Whether its style is that of a democracy, dictatorship or monarchy makes no difference. Or the societal group has adopted a communist or socialist economic style. Capitalism of course does not exist anywhere. As that requires individual freedom. Which can not exist in societies based on coercion.

The result is a societal system that actively mitigates against solving any of our societal problems. This is corroborated by millennia of history. We have never solved even one of our basic societal problems. Rather, they become ever–more endemic and intractable. Again you need only look at history and current events to verify this.

Read the daily newspaper or weekly news magazine. Or look at the news on TV. What do you read, see or hear? A never–ending rendition of societal problems. It is as my teacher said, the "olds" and not "news." As "news" implies something new and useful. It would be new and useful if we suddenly solved the problem of unemployment, terrorism, globalization, trade, famine, hunger, poverty, failing pension or education or healthcare systems. And now we add the very real problems associated with climate change and global warming.

It must be understood by all that we can not solve the rapidly evolving problems of global warming until we learn how to solve our societal problems. And it must also be understood that we can not do this until we change our societal system. From one based on coercion to one based on individual freedom.

Cowardly New World explains the cause of our societal problems. Which is really one simple, single cause. And the solution. How to create a rational and durable societal system. One that will carry with it the solution to all our societal problems. And ensure they can not start again in the future.

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