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Global Warming Information, Page 8

Global Warming Information, Part 8. Following are some articles on Global Warming that I have converted to PDF format and put on this server. You can download each article in PDF format by clicking on the relevant link.

I have included one or more articles on other natural disaster possibilities such as reversal of the Earth's magnetic field, Supervolcanoes and asteroid or comet impact possibilities. You can also find some good books on Global Warming here.

If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader you can download it at Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

Global Warming Articles

Article Title Date Source PDF HTML Synopsis
When is the Arctic no longer the Arctic? 20 Oct 2005 International Herald Tribune PDF HTML synopsis
Earth Magnetic Field Reversal 27 Feb 2005 PES Network Inc PDF HTML synopsis
All about the world’s ice 3 Feb 2005 USA Today PDF MTML synopsis
Global Warming and Rising Oceans October 2002 ActionBioscience.org PDF HTML synopsis
Changes in rainfall patterns spur plant growth, carbon absorption across U.S. 16 May 2002 EurekAlert! PDF HTML synopsis
Livermore Scientists To Present Global Warming Mitigation Tool… 13 Dec 2001 Science Daily PDF HTML synopsis
Global Warming Is Here To Stay And How We Created The Crisis 9 Apr 2001 Time Magazine N/A HTML synopsis
Coral collapse in Caribbean 4 May 2000 BBC News PDF HTML synopsis
Resources: Climate change science Various USA Today PDF HTML synopsis
Climate Change, Infrastructure and Natural Disaster Risks 2000 Meteorlogical Service of Canada N/A PowerPoint synopsis
Abrupt Climate Change: Inevitable Surprises Unknown National Academy (USA) PDF N/A synopsis

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