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I have not updated these files in more than two years, and someone—my domain registar—misappropriated my domain name, I moved to another part of the world, and I was distracted by other problems. Sorry, I will work to try to bring things up–to–date.
(June 29th, 2009)

Beginning with Page 2 the articles are in chronological date order, from most recent to oldest on the last page. This page has some general Global Warming information.

There are articles on Global Warmning that I have converted to PDF format and put on this server. You can download each article in PDF format by clicking on the relevant link.

I have included one or more articles on other natural disaster possibilities such as reversal of the Earth's magnetic field, Supervolcanoes and asteroid or comet impact possibilities, although there are only a few of these. You can also find some good books on Global Warming here.

Encyclopedia Links on Selected Topics

Global Warming links

  1. Climate Change and Global Warming Portal
  2. Check out some books on global warming.
  3. What is Global Warming? A guide from the BBC
  4. What is the greenhouse effect? An excellent Flash animation from the BBC. See what happens as the planet warms up between 1855 and 2100.
  5. Open Directory project on climate change.
    Contains links to over 1,000 web sites with information related to climate change. With categories such as air quality, global change, energy, ozone depletion, automobile pollution and fuel economy.
  6. The National Geogaphic Earth Pulse site. synopsis
  7. View the Planet Under Pressure article from the BBC.
    It has many links to other interesting items.
  8. National Resources Defense Council Global Warming
  9. ABC News has a very good section related to Global Warming
  10. Graphic Evidence of Glogal Warming

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