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The Galambos Library

This section lists books there were either sold by Andrew J. Galambos[ 2 ] by his CCI Bookshelf™ or were mentioned by him in his classes.

The books and associated ideas can lead a person to a discovery of what is true in life and in history. Essential in providing a true understanding of "positive history." An original and important concept of Galambos. Essential in understanding the cause of and the cure for our societal problems. They provide biographical information on the truly important people in history.

There are over two hundred books and videos available. About some very famous and important people in history. And some perhaps even more important people who have been forgotten by history.

Visit the Galambos Library

The Truth Seeker Library

This section list books, essays, journals and other publicatioons o the Truth Seeker, Inc. Publisher of the Truth Seeker Journal, the world's oldest Freethought publication.

Visit the card catalogue at the Truth Seeker library.

The Library at Alexandria

Named for the famous, tragically lost original Library at Alexandria, The World's first and most significant library.

On the Library at Alexandria
Visit the card catalogue at the Library at Alexandria.

End Notes

  1. All books are purchased under an implied contract. That if the knowledge is used in production and earns money on the marketplace the creator of the knowledge should be offered a royalty. Ideally, the creator should be asked for permission to use the knowledge. But when this is not or can not be done a royalty should nevertheless be paid.
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  2. One of the two most important people in history. He is the founder of the Science of Volition and the integrator of the Voltional Sciences. The companion achievement to Newton's intergration of the Non–Volitional Sciences.
    You can visit his web site.
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