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The Real Bible for Homo sapiens

(The Only Testament)

by God

Universal Salvage Corp.

Specialist in Dying Civilizations


I am including a “representative” Table of Contents for what would have been a printed book. Just to give a “flavor” of what such a thing would have looked like. A bit of nostalgia…? But of course they are hyperlinks, so they are modern and useful.

Book Chapter Chapter Name Page
Cover     i
Gratitude     iii
Preface     v
Book of Genesis Chapter 1 Garden of Eden 1
Book of Kings Chapter 1 Name 5
Book of Newton Chapter 1 Second Kingdom 9
Book of Darwin Chapter 1 Name 11
Book of Galambos Chapter 1 Name 13
Book of Job Chapter 1 15
Book of Morgan Chapter 1 Revelation 17
Book of Restitution Chapter 1 Revelation 19
Book of Proverbs Chapter 1 J. E. E. D. Acton 21
Book of Acton Chapter 1 J. E. E. D. Acton 23
Book of Disraeli Chapter 2 Disraeli 21
Book of Fielding Chapter 3 Henry Fielding 21
Book of France (Anatole) Chapter 4 Anatole France 21
Book of Greenspan Chapter 5 Richard Greenspan 21
Book of von Helmholtz Chapter 6 Hermann von Helmholtz 21
Book of Hugo Chapter 7 Victor Hugo 21
Book of Locke Chapter 8 John Locke 21
Book of Morgan Chapter 9 William W Morgan 21
Book of Morgenstern Chapter 10 Christian Morgenstern 21
Book of Nagryapolt Chapter 11 Albert Szent-Gyðrgyi von Nagryapolt 21
Book of Newton Chapter 12 Isaac Newton 21
Book of Occam Chapter 13 William of Occam 21
Book of Paine Chapter 14 Thomas Paine 21
Book of Poincaré Chapter 15 Jules Henri Poincaré 21
Book of Scipio Chapter 16 Publius Cornelius Scipio 21
Book of Shaw Chapter 17 George Bernad Shaw 21
Book of Spencer Chapter 18 Herbert Spencer 21
Book of Swift Chapter 18 Jonathan Swift 21
Book of Voltaire Chapter 18 Voltaire 21
Book of Aliens Chapter 1 Aliens 21
Book of Rapture Chapter 1 Rapture 21

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