Proposed working Preface of God

I let Morgan[ 01 ] go first since, after all, it was his idea. And he is correct in saying that at first I had my doubts about the desirability and viability of the project. But, as he has pointed out, there have been so many unanticipated problems in my project, and it represented an opportunity to review the project and perhaps make some changes to improve its long term viability.

A first step in solving the problems is that I had to first understand that I am not infallible, right? Who would create and implement a system knowing there were problems? A lot of them. Maybe I was in such a rush to get it started, then I hesitated, and perhaps it may have started without me? You must understand I am very busy, with trillions of simultaneous events to handle in an area or volume of about 1400 light–years. Which is constantly expanding at, well, about the speed of light?

The energy requirements for the relevant data lines is mind-boggling. Even–especially for…?–me. Thinking about it gives me a headache. I am not sure if this process is sustainable. With an ever-expanding universe, the implication of is that my energy resources must “approach” infinity, yes? Although I think the way I approached it was that my energy resources would not be depleteable. Meaning they would be infinite? Now that I think about it more, I am not sure if I like this situation.

But it would be very hard to stop it now. And to think that in the early stages I was thinking of more Big Bangs and universes. This project with Morgan has given me pause. How did I get started on this reflection? Where was I? Questioning not only my infallibility, but my very existence? But I can”t renege on my agreement with Morgan… I think I must return to this later when the peak energy requirements of this current exercise have passed and things cool down.

Anyway, as Morgan pointed out, it was very difficult for him to establish and maintain contact with me for a long enough period to realize that we must have a contractual agreement else there would be no point in going forward with the project. If we operated simply on faith there would be too many possibilities for misunderstandings that would ruin the project.

We must use the method of one of my greatest creations[ 02 ], to be able to ascertain if what were doing was right[ 03 ]. After all, this was the single most important intellectual (epistemological) creation of all time. Necessary for any society of thinking beings to survive in the long term. As evidenced by some of my attempts at thinking life that have failed, even after millions of years of “painful” evolution.

You can not solve any technical or societal problems without it. That of course makes Newton the single most important of all my creations. If I could, I would lift him and all those on whose shoulders he stood, onto my shoulders. And grant him a Triumph. This suddenly occurred to me, appearing out of the “white noise”. Thoughts of another of my greatest creations, whose thoughts and message failed to survive in history. Dooming Homo sapiens to millennia of agony.

It was through Scipio that I tried to get the message out that societies based on coercion could never survive. That this particular mystic thought must be eradicated. Understood and dispensed worth. With my statement—through Scipio—that “no man should rule other men. And certainly not for a lifetime”. Which he uttered after being offered the position of Dictator of Rome for a lifetime. Replacing their then–current concept of three Consuls, each ruling for a year.

I think Morgan has it planned that we will discuss this later. Perhaps even in a “Book” dedicated to Scipio. As it stands now, Scipio will be discussed in the Book of Proverbs.

I must admit that I had not really planned for people to contact me, thus there was no easy way to do this. After all, if you did everything right at the start—the Big Bang[ 04 ]—then it would run without intervention, yes?

And I must say that I created everything by myself and must therefore bear the responsibility for what has happened. I got started at an early age and then did not have time to get married and raise a family. So those stories about me being English[ 05 ], riding a Harley Davidson[ 06 ] motorcycle, and saving at Glendale Federal Savings[ 07 ] are not true. I do of course save for the future as any prudent individual will do, but I do not do any other type of saving. That’s and individual responsibility.

I would like to say that I think of all the thinking beings I have created as being “my children”, yet this is clearly not possible in a physical sense. Even “mental” sense, as the memory requirements and access time to the relevant database would be to great even for me. The energy requirements involved for a single search, etc. My universe is already in a precarious state of balance.

Which brings up a point: the laws of nature I created do not make it possible for me to communicate with everyone over the distances involved. And certainly not to control the actions of individual thinking beings. Even to control a very large group of them would be impossible[ 08 ].

Think about it. We are speaking of distances (times) of billions of light years. I can not contravene the laws I created, else it would make a shamble of things. So if I am at the center of things, it would require at least 6 billion years for a communication to reach someone on the fringes of empire. The same for a response. At these great distance the energy requirements for communication are enormous. Beyond even me.

And if something required clarification and a number of “messages”, well, nothing would ever happen. It would be an unsustainable system.

It is for this reason that I had to grant autonomy and demand individual and sole self–responsibility for action in life of the thinking beings I created. The fact they have created societal system in which this is not possible has created a major problem for me

Which I guess is my main reason for going forward with this publication. To state that all thinking beings must assume responsibility for the result of their actions or inaction in their life. And things have gotten so much of out control that I am very worried about the viability of my creation. Maybe an inanimate, static universe would have been better…?

At least for my peace of mind.

And I guess that I am hoping that my friend and colleague in this venture—William—can help, by this project, to handle this problem.

The current Christian bible is of course rank mysticism. And one of the reasons for this book is to expose this and set Homo sapiens on a better course.

The focus of the story, the man Jesus Christ, is true. And it is Morgan who reminded me of this. With me being occupied by many other matters, I had allowed this to get out of hand. Morgan will discuss this in more detail later, but Mr. Christ is an individual who actually existed. And who suffered a terrible death.

But from the tragic event, a fabulous[ 09 ] story was created. Aided and abetted by many individuals trying to recall and recount stories decades, even centuries after their occurrence. Morgan and I will discuss this later in a revised Book of Genesis. With an attempt to retain this system of “Books” for historical consistency.

End Notes

  1. We spent a lot of time discussing how to address each other. I (God) have only one name of course, as it was only with my creature named Napoleon that Homo sapiens were required to have s first and last name. In referring to my collaborator I use “Morgan”, while in personal discussion it is “William”. He of course addresses and refers to me by the only name I have. And there is only one of me…
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  2. This of course is the one you call Isaac Newton ( 1642–1727 ). With those dates being from an earlier calendar that was evolving I had not approved as final. But, conveniently, using that calendar his birth month and day (December 25th) falls around the time of an event of great mysticism that I hope we can correct here. His birth date should really be celebrated as Newtonday, as one of my other greatest creations—Galambos—said. I must discuss this more later in the Book of Newton.
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  3. Right: “That which is based on true premises, valid and logical thought processes, and is corroborated by history and the laws of nature. And the resulting action—if any—is moral”.
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  4. This was in preference to the “Big Egg” concept. The incubation period would be inordinately long. As it was, the “gestation” period of about 300 million years was longer the I expected. You know, all the strings…?
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  5. They came after me yes…? Being something I created, I would not be one of them.
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  6. Sadly, I can’t do anything like this, as is dangerous, and my insurance does not cover me. Also, if I did this it would appear to be an “endorsement”, which I must never do. I must remain impartial, non-biased, non-discriminatory, non–prejudiced. What greatly limits what I can do to be “God for all the People”.
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  7. This later statement gained currency as a result of someone in my area known as California writing “God Saves” on the wall of an old telephone booth. After which someone for whom I am not responsible, had appended “… at Glendale Federal Savings”. This is especially heretic and untrue, and I had nothing to do with the fact they later went bankrupt. Very harmful for my image.
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  8. Impossible: “Any action that would violate a law of nature”.
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  9. Fabulous: “Of or related to fables”.
    Something this is not true or valid.
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  10. The name we have decided to use for the ancestral home of the specie Homo sapiens. To express gratitude for the work of the first recorded individual—Aristarchus of Samos (310bce – 330bce)—to understand the planet is a sphere and its approximate size.
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