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Books by and about Frederic Bastiat

This page contains a directory for books by and about Frederic Bastiat. His books and ideas can lead a person to a discovery of what is true in life and in history. Essential in providing a true understanding of "positive history." Essential in understanding the cause of and the cure for our societal problems.


  1. The Law-Bastiat
  2. Economic Fallacies-Bastiat
  3. Economic Harmonies-Bastiat
  4. Economic Sophisms-Bastiat
  5. Selected Essays in Political Economy-Bastiat

The Law
by Frederic Bastiat
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Economic Fallacies
by Frederic Bastiat
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This book, written by the celebrated nineteenth century French economist propagating free trade, reads as it was written yesterday.

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Economic Harmonies
George B. De Huszar (Editor)
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An inspiring exposition of the natural harmony that results when people are free to pursue their individual interests.

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Economic Sophisms
by Frederic Bastiat, Henry Hazlitt (Introduction), Arthur Goddard (Translator)
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What gives this work its unique quality and places it among the classics of economic literature is not only the logical rigor with which each fallacy is demolished, but the highly original and striking way in which the author uses wit, irony, satire, dialogue, and apologue to reduce erroneous ideas to patent absurdity, as, for example, in his famous petition of the candlemakers for protection against the competition of the sun.

Language Notes
Text: English
Introduction: French

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Selected Essays in Political Economy
by Frederic Bastiat
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He was the most uncompromisingly consistent advocate of laissez-faire in the 19th Century -- and the most quotable! Here, in a single volume, are this great political economist's most brilliant writings. They include his immortal classic, 'The Law,' as well as such unforgettable essays as 'The State,' 'What Is Seen and What Is Not Seen,' 'Property and Plunder,' 'Declaration of War Against the Professors of Political Economy' and many others. An intellectual feast! With an Introduction by Nobel Laureate Friedrich Hayek.

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