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The Cause of 9-11

by William W. Morgan

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Al–Qaeda, intelligence failures, and lying and obfuscation among politicians are not the cause of the 9/11 disaster. Acts of terrorism — such as 9/11 — are an expected result of democracies and other societies based on coercion. A feeling of terror that is most often created by your very own political régime.

No one who feels they are in complete control of their lives, that life is pretty good and getting better, will commit an act of terror.(Except for politicians, for whom it is a routine act of their job.) Someone who feels they have totally lost control of their life and that there is no chance this will change, may commit an act of terror. Unless it is an act of revenge, which is a separate subject. (Revision 2016, July 16th).

9/11 happened because, aided by America in preventing it, a group of people wanted their lands restored to them, and to have the same thing the American Colonists of 1776 wanted: independence and freedom. But knew that after 30 years of repression, they would never get it. Their rightly bitter protestations slowly crossed the line from rational to irrational, moral to immoral. And the suicide bomber was born.

And Palestinian, Arabs and Muslims began to emulate the Christians crusades of the 1090s against a peaceful and tolerant Jerusalem, the first great Jihad. Since the Christians used it with such devastating effect, maybe it would work for Muslims also…?

This essay discusses the true cause of the 9/11 disaster and of all terrorismTerrorism
Any act that creates a feeling of intense fear in an individual.

The one single, simple cause is not what others think. Perhaps no one but myself knows the true cause. At least it seems that way, as no one has taken any of the steps necessary to begin a solution to the problem. Instead, they have exacerbated the problem, ensuring it becomes entrenched, and ever-more intractable.

Which is the conflict between the societal system Homo sapiens have adopted for themselves, and the laws of nature. Those laws which govern our genetic makeup, and those laws that determine how individual thinking beings respond to external stimuli. To interaction with other thinking beings.

The laws that govern our genetic makeup are the result of Darwinian evolution and the consequent laws of heredity of Mendel.

The laws of nature state that each and every example of Homo sapiens will be unique and different from all others. Differing in the individual hopes and dreams of life, and in their individual ability to implement and realize them. Further, this is a dynamic process, constantly changing throughout life. This is the essence of thinking life. Anything else is travesty on the concept.

But the societal system we have adopted for ourselves and continue to use, whether in the style of a democracy, dictatorship or monarchy, does not allow for this. It says that one person or a small group will control the lives and property of all others. It is not normally expressed this way, but this is the result. Please think about the truth of this, which is expressed in political laws. Saying what the individual may and may not do. Whether you feel this is good and as it should be, bad, necessary or unnecessary is immaterial. It is the way things are under politics.

When political laws regulate individual behavior what they are doing is regulating the ability of the individual to implement and realize their individual hopes and dreams. Which must now be modified, cancelled, or perhaps the timing changed. In a large group of thinking beings, with a myriad of possible hopes and dreams, the permutations in looking for loopholes becomes very large. In fact, you have created a chaos system. As confirmed by history and current events, yes?

What caused 9–11 and what causes all terrorism is not the need to modify hopes and dreams or their timing, but the cancellation of all hopes and dreams. It has allowed one person, controlling many others, to use the system to cancel and obliterate the hopes and dreams of the Palestinians. War can not exist in the absence of politics. No one could force a large number of individuals to go off and kill others and destroy large amounts of property. And to be branded as criminal and punished for not wishing to engage in murder and wholesale property destruction. Please think about that. It is the system—societies based on coercion—that allows this to happen.

Think: Think what would happen if the people in Wales attacked England. Or the people in California attacked Nevada. And all normal life stopped. Children could not go to school. Most businesses ceased to operate. There was no effective health care or transport system. Foreign travel forbidden. People did not marry because they didn’t want to bring children into such a world. Think if what happened to Palestine happened to the English or Nevadans? And continued for fifty years. Generations of hopelessness. Would those subjugated respond any differently than the Palestinians?

No one listens, no one seems to care. So you can begin to blame everyone. But you have no semi-rational way to fight back. To get at those who have eliminated even the possibility of rational hopes and dreams. When the frustration, despair and hopelessness reaches a certain level you will strike back at anyone not from your group. And by any means possible. Including irrational ones. As, what difference does it make? “Please, won’t someone listen and help us…”?

This creates fertile territory for others to take up the cause. Those with their own personal problems, including a large dose of mysticism and high but false self–esteem. You have created two types of suicide bombers: Those from the oppressed group who will strike back at the oppressors, and third party individuals who will strike back at anyone.

Terrorism is a natural, to–be–expected result of societies based on coercion. Including democracies. Without such a societal concept there could be no oppressors, oppression or oppressed. You need to try to set aside the many fallacies we have grown up with. And think long and hard about this and its long-term implications for Homo sapiens. About the ability to solve our societal problems before we become a non–viable as a specie. To stop our descent into an Orwellian nightmare.

If America had not helped Israel to keep the Palestinians prisoner in their own lands they would have had no reason to hate America and Americans. No reason to go halfway around the world to attack Americans.

If at any time between1970 and 2000 an American president had told Israel to restore the 1967 borders and allow the Palestinians to have what American colonists obtained — independence and freedom — there would have been no 9/11.


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